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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Social Problems

 Does this sound like anyone you know?

  • Fear of being judged
  • Isolated
  • Shy
  • Feels invisible Nervous in crowds
  • Avoids school or work
  • Almost no friends
  • Wants to date, but it never works out
  • Excessive blushing
  • Walks with head down
  • Avoids social gatherings
  • Has difficulty leaving the house
  • Poor eye contact
  • Not invited to birthday parties
  • Doesn’t say “Thank you” following a compliment
  • Is an adult but has not moved out of the house

Help is available. There is Hope.
Social problems can seriously interfere with a person’s job, school work, friendships, family relationships and future. Dr. Conlon’s research and experience has led to a life-long passion to help people solve their social problems.

Dr. Conlon works with individuals and parents to identify a person's specific social skill needs. Sometimes evaluation is needed to get an accurate diagnosis. Treatment is focused and goal-oriented, and progresses according to the comfort level of the individual.  Treatment may include individual therapy, projects or practice at home or in the community, group therapy, consultation with schools or medical professionals, or help from family members.
Social Thinking and Theory of Mind - coming soon
Social Skills  - coming soon